You Don’t Have to Be Born a Great Leader—You Can Learn to Be One

About Axel Rittershaus & TARGETTER

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Axel Rittershaus

Axel Rittershaus, a former tech entrepreneur turned leadership coach, founded Targetter GmbH and CC to impart the lessons he learned firsthand.

He believes the best mentorship comes from those who have personally navigated similar paths.

His coaching underscores the importance of soft skills and overcoming leadership challenges. Axel is dedicated to helping others achieve their potential, convinced that true leadership is developed through personal growth.

When not coaching, he enjoys running ultramarathons and spending time with his dogs in Cape Town.


Axel Rittershaus’s mission is to establish a new standard that every leader should LEARN how to LEAD first.
He believes that mastering specific strategies and methods can prevent the typical struggles of leadership, enabling leaders to guide confidently and effectively.

He aims to ensure no leader endures sleepless nights from uncertainty, self-doubt, or overworking and that every team thrives under an inspiring and motivating leader.

Axel is committed to transforming leadership into a fulfilling journey.

He addresses challenges like miscommunication, redelegation, and lack of trust (and more) that can undermine a leader’s confidence and team morale. With a massive impact on the bottom line and success of the company.

Axel fosters environments where everyone feels valued and motivated by empowering leaders to leverage their strengths and understand their teams.

His approach isn’t just about leading—it’s about enriching lives and turning challenges into opportunities for growth and shared success.


Axel Rittershaus Vision for TARGETTER is creating the largest online leadership coaching platform, establishing a comprehensive network around the world.

His goal is to connect leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, providing them with unparalleled access to cutting-edge coaching techniques and peer insights.

Through this fast-growing platform, Axel aims to foster a vibrant community where leaders can grow together, share their struggles, exchange ideas, and refine their skills in an environment that celebrates shared learning and mutual success.

His ultimate goal is to make high-quality leadership development accessible to anyone, anywhere, transforming the traditional approach to leadership training into a dynamic, interactive, and globally connected experience.

What We Offer

Bootcamp Targetter

New Manager BOOTCAMP

A new manager must not be left alone trying to figure out the ‘managing people thing’ on his own. They must be able to align, achieve, and address issues professionally from day one.

Our BOOTCAMP is the perfect start for every new manager (or a refresher for experienced managers).
A 10-module online course building the perfect fundamental skills that make every manager successful.

Sign up today or run company-specific cohorts (which we can supercharge with additional company-internal coaching calls).

Available in English and German.

Group Coaching Targetter

You Never Lead Alone

Leadership Mastermind & Group Coaching Program

Most managers feel left alone with their management struggles. They look for a sounding board, but can’t find any.
We say: You never lead alone!
Combining online courses and live group coaching calls with a strong community, leadership-focused online workshops, leadership challenges, and more.

Facilitated personally by Axel Rittershaus and some of the finest coaches & leaders on this planet.
Sign up at any time or create a company-specific, closed group program.

Workshops Targetter

Company-Specific Leadership Programs & Workshops

Since 2008, we have designed and facilitated 100% company-specific leadership development programs on-site in 20 countries.

In addition to our online offerings, we also provide on-site workshops tailored for companies. We have trained top- and middle-management groups in over 30 countries (on-site and virtual) with programs lasting between 6 and 18 months.

Axel Rittershaus - Udemy Live

InspirACTIONAL Talks & Seminars

You need a great keynote speaker for your event or organize a specific seminar?
You want to surprise and inspire your attendees?

We take you a step further. At least.

Our talks are not only inspirational.

They are inspirACTIONAL – inspiring the attendees to take action.