Leadership Journeys

Continous Development For Experienced Leaders

The Problem of Developing Experienced Leaders

Most experienced managers know they must work on their leadership skills.

However, their schedules are full, and many standard leadership development programs might be too time-consuming or irrelevant.

Most online courses are good refreshers for experienced managers but don’t go deep enough into the often complex and challenging situations of experienced leaders.

While executive coaching is often only available to the top executives.


Based on the urgent need shared by our corporate clients,
we developed a cost- and time-effective solution
for experienced managers:


Leadership Journeys

3- to 12-months Leadership Journeys in a nutshell

Our Leadership Journeys are always tailored to your company and only for leaders of your organization. Therefore, we can discuss confidential topics during our calls.


How are Leadership Journeys organized?


  1. Either the leaders themselves or HR/L&D select between 3 and 6 leadership topics they want to focus on.
    From providing critical feedback, to managing change, or establishing alignment within a company.
  2. Leaders or HR/L&D decide the cadence of our Leadership Journeys – usually we cover one topic per month or every two months.
  3. The Leadership Journey kicks off at a certain date and leaders get access to an online-course or self-study materials to work on the topic on their own or in small, self-organized groups.
  4. After 1 or 2 months (depending on the cadence chosen) we facilitate a virtual group coaching call and dive deeply into the chosen  topic for 1.5 – 2 hours/call.
  5. During our calls we highlight crucial methods and thoughts regarding the topic.
  6. Attendees of our calls can ask individual questions and (highly valuable) share practical cases they’d like to get practical advise on – and they will get it from other attendees and our professional executive coaches.
  7. Optional: Companies can add longer workshops to the Leadership Journey to address specific challenges (typical topics: change management, AI strategy, team building, …)
  8. Optional: Companies can add on-site modules (often at the end of a Leadership Journey) where we facilitate intense simulations, dive deep into topics (chosen by HR/L&D/leaders), and improve the network amongst the attendees.

Katrina attended a company-internal Leadership Journey